Development process

Development process

LAVA development process is based on git. The source code is available at the Linaro Git Code Hosting.

Most of the work is done by the members of the Linaro Validation Team The code is free and open source software, we welcome third party contributions and new team members.

Our team is spread geographically around the world, with some members in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. We are usually talking on our IRC channel #linaro-lava on

Release process

LAVA is being developed on a monthly release schedule.

Release tarballs are following our YYYY.MM (year, month) pattern. Should we need to release an upgrade to any existing release (such as a critical bug fix) we append a sequential number preceded by a dash (YYYY.MM-NN).

Reporting Bugs

New bugs can be reported here: Linaro Bugzilla. If you need an account to log-in, please register here: Linaro Registration.

If you are not sure which component is affected simply report it to any of the LAVA sub-projects and let us handle the rest. As with any bug reports please describe the problem and the version of LAVA you are using.

If you were using our public LAVA instance, the one used by Linaro for daily activities ( try to include a link to a page that manifests the problem as that makes debugging easier.

Patches, fixes and code

If you’d like to offer a patch (whether it is a bug fix, documentation update, new feature or even a simple typo) it is best to follow this simple check-list:

  1. Clone the master of the correct project.
  2. Add your code, change any existing files as needed.
  3. Create a patch from your changes.
  4. Send the patch to the Linaro Code Review system.