Running LAVA Scheduler

Running LAVA Scheduler

LAVA Scheduler has two main components, the web application and the daemon. To process jobs, the scheduler daemon must be running. Jobs are accepted via the xmlrpc API on the web application.

Adding Devices

Before jobs can be submitted or processed, devices must exist to run them on. To do this, login as an admin user in LAVA Server.

First, create a device type unless you are just adding a device for which you have already created a type. To create a device type from the admin console, click the Add button next to Device types under the Lava_Scheduler_App section. You only need to provide the name. Other attributes of the device type such as default boot parameters will be defined in the LAVA Dispatcher configuration files.

Once you have at least one device type, devices can be added from the admin console as well. To add a device, click the Add button next to Devices under the Lava_Scheduler_App section. Select the device type and add the name of the device you wish to add. The name given here needs to correspond to the name of the device in the LAVA Dispatcher config.

Running the Scheduler Daemon

If you installed from source or from pypi, you can start it manually by simply running lava-server manage lava-scheduler, or by adding an init script for it.